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It's time to get your financial house in order whether personal, business or both!

About Me

If I had to say anything about myself, I would say I am a person that believes in getting the job done.   Someone who believes in helping others and who wants to see others succeed.  

                I stand firm on the core belief that having your financial life organized can and will lead to a better life.   Who is Samuel Varner?   He is someone who believes that financial education and empowerment are the keys to success.   I believe that we all reach a point in our lives where we need assistance, a helping hand from someone to help guide us whether it be a mentor or a stranger who says those words that you need to hear.   Here at Sam’s Financial Corner, I am committed to being that for you.   I am committed to being the support that you need as you navigate your financial life whether you are a small business owner, you are planning for retirement or are thinking of starting a new endeavor and need a listening ear.   I am all those things and more, now a bit about my background.  

                I possess a bachelor’s in accounting and an MBA with a concentration if Finance from Strayer University.   My love of numbers has transformed into a career that I am proud of.   I possess 15 plus years in the realm of accounting performing everything from AP, AR, to month-end close.   I am self-taught in the realm of stocks and personal finance.   I have learned so much about the financial world and I utilize this knowledge to help my family.   We have a family investment group.   I encourage you to create one if you don’t have one.   It is truly a rewarding experience.  

                Helping others is always a large part of who I am.   This has often landed me in the non-profit and international development sectors.   Your career path should speak always to who you are and at this point in my career, I have gained so much knowledge and education that I want to create a business of my own that speaks to who I am.

                I hope that you are willing to take this journey with me.   I hope that I can provide you with the services you need to succeed and have a better financial life. 

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