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Consulting Offering


  1. Categorizing revenue and expenses

  2. Reconciling accounts

  3. Constructing Financial Statements

  4. Accounts Payable

  5. Accounts Receivable

  6. Account Clean -up


Additional Services

  1. Cash Flow analysis

  2. Revenue Projections

  3. Business Recommendations

  4. Financial Records Analysis

  5. Financial forecasting 


Financial Planning:

  1. Budget Planning

  2. Retirement Planning


Other Consulting Services

  1. Business Plans

  2. Editing

  3. General Consulting Services

  4. Small Business Advocate

Consulting Offering Benefits

Bookkeeping: Benefits

  1. Categorizing revenue and expenses - You possess a clear picture of your revenues and expenses.  This eliminates the guesswork.

  2. Reconciling accounts - Reduced errors, accuracy and integrity of the numbers

  3. Constructing Financial Statements - Possess a clear picture of the financial health of the company and allows for the addressing of issues and concerns

  4. Accounts Payable - bills are entered and paid in a timely manner.

  5. Accounts Receivable - income is received and categorized in a timely manner

  6. Account Clean -up - errors are identified and corrected which leads to the validity of the financial statements 


Additional Services:Benefits

  1. Cash Flow analysis - aids the company in understanding the  company's ability to meet current needs

  2. Revenue Projections allows the company to focus its attention on the areas that can potentially best benefit the company

  3. Business Recommendations - allows the other to have a clear perspective from an entity that does not possess direct ties to the business

  4. Financial Records Analysis - allows the organization to use this aggregated data to make decisions.

  5. Financial forecasting- helps owners to have a more clear picture of where they can be or would like to be.  


Financial Planning: Benefits

  1. Budget Planning - allows for better utilization of salary and allows for the identification of outliers that prevent the person from achieving their respective financial goals.

  2. Retirement Planning - allows for individuals or families to plan effectively for their golden years.


Other Consulting Services: Benefits

  1. Business Plans - allows a company to ascertain their core strengths and weaknesses, allow them to gain a better understanding of their industry and how they can provide value to their customers.

  2. Editing/proofreading - you receive a finished product that elevates the quality of the work

  3. General Consulting Services- outsourcing is an absolute necessity.

  4. Small Business Advocate- we all need support and this allows small business owners to receive The listening ear and support they need to thrive.

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