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  • Samuel Varner

To conquer others is to have power, to conquer yourself is to know the way.

Of all the sayings I have heard in my lifetime, this is the one that moves me in ways that words cannot describe. We continuously seek power in relationships, our jobs, and any other social circle. Having power makes you feel important, valued, and respected. But we forget that having self-control and mastering our person is a power that is greater than any other. When we learn to look at ourselves and our self-destructive behaviors, mindsets, and actions and begin to align ourselves with those things that manifest the good inside ourselves, it is then that we can move and operate in the life more effectively and efficiently. Until you can conquer all of the things within yourself that stop you from obtaining financial Independence, you will be a slave to those things. The most significant adversity that we face in this life is not haters but the hater within. Only when we begin to address the behaviors that hinder our personal growth and begin to adopt new ones that we can grow.

The same goes for our money. We must begin to create a new way of thinking. We must conquer the old way. We must make a new way of thinking and then execute it. We must be committed to offering our old way of thinking to obtain a way that benefits ourselves.

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