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  • Samuel Varner

That time I got fired!

Everyone always shares about the good things, the new clients, the bonuses, the earning the 6+ figures. No one shares the other side of being an entrepreneur, the lows (My God there are so many)! I'm being transparent here and sharing the time I got fired.

I was wrapping up a project with a client. They were in desperate need of getting their finances in order and I overdelivered like I always do. I have a real passion for business. We reviewed the financials, I answered questions. We reviewed COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) and other financial matters that pertained to the business. The client requested a special project that I was more than happy to assist with and then with ongoing services and I was over the moon. I hadn't had a real win lately. Everything seemed difficult and challenging. I was extremely excited about this win especially since the client was especially ecstatic and continuously praised my work.

I reached out to the client. I gave my rates for the project and the ongoing concern. There was silence. Those of you who are deep in business know this silence. The death silence. The end silence, the silence that is so loud that it shatters glass. I knew then that there was a problem. I knew it. I felt it. I have learned to trust my instincts and they were not wrong. I reached out and was provided a response. It was neither negative nor positive and then I knew that this was going to be the end. I did my best to reassure myself that I was overthinking. I do not know the future. It could be anything, I told myself. Deep down, I knew. Within a few days, I received the message I expected. I was given a reason, but I knew it was more than that. Can I tell you what changed? No, on every account I had pleased my client. I was on the right track and doing business with a client that did not try to haggle me on my price and who understood the value that I provided. Nonetheless, I was fired. I was told you did magnificent work. You got me to a good place. I was absolutely devastated. I really gave my all and it wasn’t enough I told myself. I told myself many things that I do not want to revisit. I accept that hand that was dealt me. What else can I do?

My advice: For every entrepreneur there will be times when you do everything right and still things won't work out for you and that's ok. You must keep going. Tomorrow begets yet another opportunity. It is waiting for you. I had to remind myself of that that day. There is always tomorrow.

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