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  • Samuel Varner

Couples and Money - You got it all wrong!

I know you are looking at the title and thinking to yourself, what the hell is he talking about! I know it doesn't make sense but let me explain. Couples believe that they must do everything together. Everything has to be a together event. In most cases, this is true. However, I am here to tell you that certain financial activities need to be separate, and here's why. You both are individuals who are in a committed (hopefully) relationship. In this commitment, you cannot forget about your individuality. It can exist simultaneously with your relationship. So let me tell you where couples get it wrong. They create one account for everything, and this is pure folly. You can have a joint account to pay bills that makes sense. You can have a savings account for joint ventures such as travel or even purchasing a new home. But you can't forget that you have your individual wants and desires, and those should not be in a joint account. Anything from Red bottom's to the new jordans, and everything in between is personal wants and needs and should be purchased from a separate account. When you don't make these purchases from a separate account, your partner will feel betrayed because you used communal money for your individual needs. This can be avoided by having your own account. It's that simple.

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