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  • Samuel Varner

5 Non-money ways to get back on track!

#1 - Be purposeful about your intentions with your money. It is the most important because you have to discard the old framework that you are currently utilizing subconsciously about your money. This framework does not serve you and does not allow you to maximize all of the money that you are now earning.

#2 - Tell yourself that you are capable of making better financial decisions. If you don't believe in yourself, then all of your efforts are futile. If you don't learn to love yourself and be believe in yourself, then you cannot tap into the full power of your being. You will not be able to manifest that which you desire. You must create a mantra of faith in yourself to continue to move forward and create the financial picture that you want for yourself.

#3 - Promise yourself that you will educate yourself and those around you. Education is power, and with it comes the responsibility. Financial education must become an oral tradition for all of us despite this internet age. We must talk about money; we must learn about money so that we can utilize it effectively.

#4 - Dedicate time each month to financial literacy. I don't care if it's a blog post, a video, a book, a sermon, etc. It doesn't matter. You must make education a vital part of your new financial life. I have plenty of videos. Here's the link.

#5 - Create a plan for you and your family to deal with debt, savings, and other financial goals. It’s an excellent opportunity to educate yourself and the next generation. We learn by listening, seeing, and doing. Once you have learned, then you must implement it.

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